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Outline & Structure

Plan your story beat by beat, drag 'n' drop scenes or chapters to re-organize your narrative, and color-code your structure

Easy Script Formatting

Let Script Studio professionally format your script as you type to industry standard so you can focus on the story

Character Development

Create in-depth three-dimensional character profiles, analyze dialogue and develop their story arcs step by step.

Manage Notes & Ideas

Keep track of character ideas, plot points, draft script scenes and research, and build a checklist of story objectives

Movie Reference Library

View scene-by-scene breakdowns and analyses of successful Hollywood movies like Die Hard and compare your story structure with the pros

Full Unicode / RTL Support
International text support for diacritics and right-to-left scripts.
Retina / HiDPI Ready
Supports high resolution displays and Windows Touch Screen.
Modern Design
Clean, user-friendly interface with Full Screen and Night Mode.

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Powerful Outlining

Script Studio was developed by a produced screenwriter and its intuitive and unique design helps you break your story down into sequences so you can build your script or novel step by step, chapter by chapter or scene by scene. Planning your story and rewrites in this way gives you an overview of your entire narrative while working on individual scenes. This "sequencing" methodology allows you to maintain your creative flow and encourages a structured approach to your writing.

Organize Your Narrative

Script Studio has powerful structuring tools to color-code your narrative into acts or sequences, and includes templates which many Hollywood blockbusters are based upon such as "The Hero's Journey" and "3 Act Structure". You can customize these to suit your own writing methodology or create your own. Steps, chapters and scenes can be dragged around in your outline list or via virtual "Index Cards" and you can toggle which content to display and which to hide.

Develop Believable Characters

Use Script Studio's powerful character development tools to create in-depth character profiles and unique characters. Choose a headshot from the extensive picture gallery to help you visualize who they are and answer a series of probing interview style questions to further understand your character's backstory and motivation. You can also define relationships, analyze dialogue and develop individual story arcs step by step as you build and hone your narrative.

Industry Standard Script Format

Script Studio automatically handles layout and pagination as you type and via "Tab and Enter" keyboard shortcuts and auto-complete which suggests character names, scene headings and transitions and allows you to focus on your story and characters without inhibiting your creative flow. The software also includes its own custom Courier font to ensure pagination matches across platforms and that your printed screenplay appears more legible to the professional reader.

Gauge Your Story Pacing

A FeelFactor is a story element that evokes an emotional or intellectual response in your audience such as gore, shock, tension, conflict, action, mystery and romance. By setting the level of each FeelFactor for each step or chapter you can gauge the pacing of your narrative via a colorful interactive graph. You can also isolate and display individual FeelFactor graphs and simultaneously compare your own story pacing with movie reference outlines in the same genre.

Print & Export Your Final Draft

When your script, play or novel is complete Script Studio offers you a variety of ways to share it. You can export it in a variety of different formats such as PDF, Final Draft, Rich Text, Fountain and even in HTML for publishing to the web. Its powerful print and export wizards allow you to select which steps and elements of your project you wish to include, and every aspect, such as title page, scene numbering and chapter heading styles, can be customized to suit your needs.

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