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"Script Studio is an impressive app for professional writers. It has a wealth of features for drafting, plotting, organizing, and writing different kinds of works." Read More

-- Jill Duffy

The Writer's Cookbook

"Script Studio guides you through the writing process without holding your hand. It makes you think about the importance of plot and characters in your story, and gives you tools that mean you can always keep learning." Read More

-- Kristina Adams

"There’s simply no better coupling of screenwriting app and story-visualization software out there that I’ve seen." Read More

-- Brian O'Malley

Award Winning Screenwriting Software

Script Studio® is an evolution of Movie Outline 3 so please read these past reviews to gain an understanding of how well Movie Outline was received by the industry and screenwriters and what to expect from its latest incarnation.

Creative Screenwriting

"Movie Outline 3 does a terrific job of helping writers organize their development process from beginning to end and has effectively raised the bar in the screenwriting software arena."

-- Sean Kennelly


"If you're an aspiring screenwriter looking to get that first script under your belt, Movie Outline's focus on outlining and character work could help get your script off on the right foot, possibly saving you hundreds of pages of rewrites."

-- Tim Haddock

Film & Festivals

"If you are one of those people who have stacks of notebooks and index cards filled with scribbled ideas and scenes then this program is a godsend."

-- Chris Patmore


""Movie Outline separates itself from the screenwriting pack by giving you access to many professional techniques but in a way that doesn't require a degree from the UCLA film school to comprehend!"

-- Monika DeLeeuw-Taylor

Writers' Journal

"I've used just about every screenwriting program on the market, and I can tell you now, without reservation, that my screenwriting software of choice is Movie Outline."

-- Carl Hose

Computer Active

"If you’re serious about learning to write scripts, then Movie Outline is a lot cheaper than a screenwriting course at film school. And, while there are similar, alternative packages available, we haven’t seen one that’s as straightforward, helpful & complete as this."

-- Jonathan Parkyn

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