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Full Unicode / RTL Support
International text support for diacritics and right-to-left scripts.
Retina / HiDPI Ready
Supports high resolution displays and Windows Touch Screen.
Modern Design
Clean, user-friendly interface with Full Screen and Night Mode.

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Key Features

Here are just some of the powerful creative writing tools at your fingertips...

  • Industry Standard Script Formatting

    Focus on your story and characters and let Script Studio handle the pagination and layout via "Tab and Enter" keyboard shortcuts and auto-complete which suggests character names and scene headings as you type.

  • Character Development

    Create in-depth character profiles with headshots from the gallery, answer a series of probing interview style questions, define relationships, analyze dialogue exchanges and develop story arcs step by step.

  • Story Outlining By Design

    Break your story down into key sequences so you can plan and build your script or novel step by step, chapter by chapter or scene by scene, allowing you to maintain your creative flow while structuring your narrative.

  • Manage Notes, Ideas & Tasks

    Keep track of character ideas, plot points, draft script scenes and research in the global "Scratch Pad" and use "Story Tasks" to build a checklist of story objectives so you never forget a clever twist or witty line again!

  • Structure & Organize

    Customize your story structure into color-coded acts, drag-and-drop steps and virtual "index cards" to re-organize your narrative, and refer to sample templates which many Hollywood blockbusters are based upon.

  • Screenwriter, Playwright Or Novelist

    Choose your writing mode and template and let Script Studio handle chapter headings and layout for your manuscript, act breaks for your stageplay or television script, and scene numbering for your screenplay.


Night Mode

Take Your Writing To The Next Level

Unlock Your Imagination & Unleash the Writer in you!

  • WYSIWYG Dual Dialogue

    Create and toggle dual-column dialogue with just a click of the mouse or using a keyboard shortcut or toolbar icon with no need to select text first, and what's more, Script Studio's Dual Dialogue is completely editable.

  • Powerful Import & Export

    Script Studio can import directly from and export to Final Draft (.fdx), Adobe PDF, Rich Text (.rtf), Plain Text (.txt), HTML web pages and Fountain file formats, and export script data to scheduling programs for production.

  • Dictation Assistant

    Use the integrated dictation tool to act as a middle-man between your dictation software and Script Studio so you can not only input text via your voice but also easily navigate Script Studio's views, menus and features.

  • Movie Reference Library

    View 12 scene-by-scene breakdowns and analyses of successful Hollywood movies such as Die Hard, When Harry Met Sally and Spider-Man, side by side with your own project to compare your structure with the pros.

  • Table Read / Text-To-Speech

    Let Script Studio read your document to you using Mac and Windows pre-installed voices, and if you're a script writer or playwright and have created character profiles you can even have different voices play different parts.

  • Analyze Story Pacing

    Use FeelFactor™ to gauge the pacing of your narrative via a colorful interactive graph and define levels for steps that evoke an emotional or intellectual response in your audience such as shock, action, twists and romance.

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